Nice Winter Addon Version 2 for Frosty Version 9.7 ETS2 1.49.x

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Hello Guys,

i would like to introduce my Nice Winter Addon Version 2 for Frosty Version 9.7 It is compatible with ETS2 Version 1.49x.

Changes in Version 2:

– decoupled snowflakes from appearing as pairs
– fixed snow flakes look (made them smaller)
– Increased snow flakes count to 8000

The features and changes are:

– Trucks now driving winter speed maximum 75kmh
– Busses now driving at 80kmh max
– Cars don’t drive faster than 90kmh
– New snowflakes on the windshield
– Removed rainfall animation because they fall too fast so it’s now transparent until i figured out how to slow down the falling speed.
– Fine tuned Eye Adaption when in changing light conditions
– Changes in overall Brightness of the game by modified climate files from Grimes Frosty Mod
– It’s basically also optimized for Virtual Reality in terms of brightness at night, day, fog appearance
– Fog only appears when it’s snowing, on good weather conditions there is no fog free clear visibility


– Copy the file in your Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod folder
– Put it in Higher Priority than Frostys Mod and Addons

You can look at the Youtube link below to see how this Mod looks

Have fun!

OptionalJoystick, Grimes


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