Nicolas Tractomas TR8X8 + Multi axle Line Large Load Trailer

Nicolas Tractomas TR8X8 + Multi-axle Line Large Load Trailer
Nicolas Tractomas TR8X8:
High detailed model
Two types of tires
Tuning options
Transmission options with different gear ratio
Engine details in the engine bay
Multi-axle Line Large Load Trailer
Nuclear Power Plant Seals Cargo
Heavy Locomotive Cargo
Large Transformer Cargo
Casting Propylene Tower Cargo
Large Hydro Generator Turbine Cargo



11 thoughts on “Nicolas Tractomas TR8X8 + Multi axle Line Large Load Trailer

  1. Mod from 02.10.2022 for v1.45

  2. work perfect

    1. how to get it?

  3. traffic 1.49 please

  4. jean pierre schneider

    Hello, I have a brake problem with this truck, almost no braking, whereas I have no problem with all my other trucks

  5. Demos Kratos


    The trailer mod within this package in file “unit/hookup/models/vehicle.sii” references old and obsolete file “/model/logistic/forklift/forklift_physics.pmd” which was removed from the game or renamed or moved with 1.46 update.

    If used with 1.49 it will crash the game.

  6. Did anyone get the trailer with this mod… I only got the truck!

  7. jean pierre schneider

    Hello Evan, have you tested the truck, if so do you have a brake problem.

  8. I have a brake problem as well with it, the only way to stop is using the retarder constantly and even then its a slog.

    1. jean pierre schneider

      Thank you for your answer bearded, so impossible to use this mode. Too bad because I really liked him.

  9. ikaikaika

    I also think that this truck’s brakes are weak.

    “Steering-Brake-Cabin Fix 1.3” from the Steam workshop fixes the brake issue.

    It’s true that when using MAP Mods, it always crashes, but in the main version of 1.49, it only crashed once near Naples.
    (Maybe this truck crashes at a specific location.)

    For your reference, I made a video with “Steering-Brake-Cabin Fix 1.3” installed.

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