Niedersachsenmap 1.6 (N-Map)

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Hello everybody!

I have a new update of the very realistical Niedersachsenmap which were builded in a 1:3 format of some citys and some small towns around.
You need the North, east and france dlc to play this map.
This citys are introduced yet: Hildesheim, Himmelsthür, Bavenstedt, Anderten, Laatzen, Ricklingen

and now have fun with the Niedersachsenmap!
1.6 Download:

Dear SN-map/er

Mapper: SN-map/er Prefabs:FLD Modelle: Airwalk, Feliweigi Beta driver: LexHexMex, GamerKatze123, Steven


4 thoughts on “Niedersachsenmap 1.6 (N-Map)

  1. Jort Mollema

    where is the DAF dealer?

  2. Really nice map. Please go on updating it/

  3. Lieber SN-map/er,

    schreibe doch bitte die Namen der Städte ab dem nächsten Update groß!

  4. Crash

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