Nielson Diplomata 380 6×2

Nielson Diplomat
380 6×2

Perolas ETS2,Wagner Zulu,Fabian Espinoza


4 thoughts on “Nielson Diplomata 380 6×2

  1. Canal RAG

    This Mod is a pay mod property CFabian Espinoza. This is a Stolen Mod. Delete This Post

    1. NelsonCL

      Only SCS can make a profit with this game, not users.
      If a user made a mod he CAN NOT make a profit, it is ILLEGAL. Only SCS has the rights of ETS2

  2. Mobius Ace

    Agreed with @NelsonCL. When it comes to paid map mods that might be a grey area, but paid vehicle mods are not, since the creator is making a profit from the IPs of both SCS and the manufacturer of the vehicle which I doubt he got a license for. Unethical at best, illegal at worst.

  3. Hello. Please, could this mod be updated to version 1.36.x of the game? I played with this bus in this version, but there are some bugs in the textures skins and also the windshield wipers are not working, they are not cleaning the water. Thanks!

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