Nissan GTR 2017 V3 (Tuned sound and Bug fixes)

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Nissan GT-R 2017

New – (Bug Fixes)

-Tuned Engine sounds (Sounds better than the v2 sound
– New Transmission (Fixed Shift Problem
– You can now customise the car however you want without losing the sound and crashes

Bugs –
– Still can’t use automatic transmission



6 thoughts on “Nissan GTR 2017 V3 (Tuned sound and Bug fixes)

  1. Where i found the car?

    1. In mercy dealers

  2. sadsdasad


  3. picka

  4. For fixing automatic transmision you have to add this line:

    stall_torque_ratio: 2.89

    in def\vehicle\truck\gtr.2017\transmission\6_speed.sii


  5. khskhs6614

    im korean

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