Nissan Skyline GTR R34

– HQ Model
– Ao(Ambiyans Coating)
– Real Sound
– 2 Different Hp (276-650)
– 7 Different Rims
– 4 Different Bumper
– 2 Different Exhaust
– 3 Different Nismo+VSpecII
– 2 Farklı Bumper Nismo Writing

Mert İrşi
Nimit-Slav Jerry


29 thoughts on “Nissan Skyline GTR R34

  1. reis 2016 model jetta gelicekmi kaliteli

  2. akif kuştul

    işte aradığım mod teşekkür ederim :)))))

  3. Nickolas

    Thank you so much, I’ve been waiting for so long to get an r34

    1. Does it work in convoy mode?

  4. Anderson

    Wow,that’s a nice mod,but i really want a Volkswagen Passat b5.5 or a Volkswagen Golf IV,can you make 1 of them?

    1. Teodores

      I want a Volkswagen passat b5.5 or a Volkswagen golf lV

    2. Pls add Volkswagen Passat b5.5 or a Vw golf lV

    3. Vladimir

      Hello,my favorit cars is Vw Passat B5.5 and Vw Golf lV pls add them?

      1. Jo mamma

  5. arabaya özelleştime yapılmıyor mod mu bozuk anlamadım herhangi bir özelleştirme alamıyorum ne motor parçası ne tampon

  6. Muhammed

    modda sıkıntı var galiba modifiye vs. yapamıyorum 72 km/hız ı geçmiyor

  7. Fix the physics pls the mod is awesome tho

  8. gamerbunker

    ⭐️ HD Test

    Awesome mod !

  9. can u make an e 46 pleaseeeee <3333

  10. Mjau_z20leh

    Make golf 7r 3 door or astra j opc

  11. Make an W204 Mercedes if u can 🙂

    btw, nice mod you made here!

  12. Hey. That mod is amazing. Really good stability and the sound is epic. Would you please make Hyundai i30N mod? I am waiting for that mod until they release that car. If you want i would pay you for that

  13. Miroslav Tsenov

    The mod is awesome!! I relly love the way it drives and it handels! I also really want to see the R35 version, greetings from Bulgaria!

  14. Does anyone know how I can play online with mods as seen in the video?

  15. Yakıt hemen bitiyor

  16. araba her açıdan güzel fakat benzin sorunsalı var çok çabuk bitiyor çözüm gerekli mod efsane

    1. benzin sorunu var hemen bitiyor

  17. Ergün Balcı

    reis r 34 benzin hemen bitiyor. Buna bir çözüm bulsak mermi olur araç

  18. Masterpiece, you can even simulate 4WD physic

  19. I can’t mod this car and when i got activated this mod a have a weird texture bug/missing texture on my truck and AI truck traffic

    1. thomasly

      Did you mean Truck Lights Texture error? ı have this problem too. But not only for this mod, if I active any car mods ı get this error in game…

  20. 1.44 e uyumlumu

  21. Steering wheel doesn’t work for me

  22. You can’t PIck any upgrades in skyline i think it might be a bug if you would repair it i would be so gratefull cause skyline R34 is my favorite car and i am still using it without any upgrades and i would love to see this skyline in perfect condition

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