No AI Traffic


This mod is remove all traffic from roads



20 thoughts on “No AI Traffic

  1. MarcinTPL

    g_traffic “0”

    1. Thank you very much …

      1. where i can find it?

        1. … \Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\config.cfg

          default: uset g_traffic “1”
          change: uset g_traffic “0”

          1. HOW TO OPEN

          2. Nevondrax

            Notepad. Right click, open with, select notepad, preff Ctrl+F to find g_traffic, change 1 to 0 Ctrl+S to save

  2. GhostRunner

    MOD!!!MOD!!!MOD seriously,def edit and all the kids believe they have created a mod.
    Please stop being ridiculous
    When will a “mod” to remove the map directly or trucks?
    Fortunately ridicule does not kill

    1. UnableRogue

      Fortunately for you that whining over matters that don’t affect you in any way doesn’t kill.

      1. Everybody have the right to speak their mind, don’t they? Or it’s only reserved for positive comments? This site is full of “mods”, that took two (yes, TWO) minutes to make. Mods that are totally unnecessary, since they do nothing that we can’t do ourselves by using in-game options and console. They just want to become “authors” and see their stuff here. Well, first make an effort…

        1. UnableRogue

          So are you saying I don’t have the right to speak my mind? Your comment surely is suggesting it.

        2. UnableRogue

          Who cares if a mod takes 2 minutes or 2 months to make? A mod is still a mod. Do you prefer only certain types of mods be made or would you rather a variety to choose from? There’s no need to stifle peoples work. Sure you have “the right” to do so but there’s no need to be a #### about it.

          1. Au contraire, I say everyone has the right to speak their mind, which includes you, but also the guy you attacked for his personal opinion. And no, it’s not the same whether it took 2 minutes or months to create a piece of work. In a matter of fact you’d be right, but only if the mod actually does something useful. Anybody can turn this option on without this mod. Doesn’t it mean it’s useless? You say somebody, perhaps, doesn’t know how. Well, he could explain it somewhere, instead of making a file that’s just not needed at all (function already included in game, what more to add?). And this isn’t any kind of “jerking” around, but some criticism with argumentation included. What you call jerking would be if I just raged here, without a cause of proper explanation. That just isn’t the case. Also, I’d never ever comment if you didn’t react in such a way to someone who just posted his/her opinion. And (s)he kinda had a point. You may disagree of course, but your tone seemed negative. Pointless to fight here, no? I respect it that you’re trying to defend the author, but we just have to agree that we disagree when it comes to his work.

  3. UnableRogue

    You say I attacked the guy? I was merely using his own words against him since he was the one to attack the author in the first place. All modifications are the same. They modify the game. That’s why they are called mods. Even if the modification is useless it is still, by definition, a mod.
    This mod however is not useless. I had no idea how to turn traffic off. Not everyone on here knows or even wants to take the time to search through game files in search for what to manipulate. The author has saved some people, like myself, a lot of time and head scratching. That is not useless at all. What is useless though is people complaining about something that doesn’t help them when it actually does help other people. I respect that you aren’t swearing your head off and acting like a ######. Civilized people are able to express themselves without the use of profanity. 🙂

  4. What the fu*k is this mod for?! FUC*ING USELESS PIECE OF SH*T I would say. This is a simulator !!! Game like this without traffic is nothing else than one big sh*t !!!

    1. UnableRogue

      Don’t hold back. Make sure you say how you really feel.

    2. Steve_the_trucker

      Au Contraire, this is an excellent mod, and we thank the author for doing it. It is extremely useful if you have a little imagination within the game, which is what Simming is all about. No more jerks smashing into you costing YOU money, no more ###### traffic jams, no more ###### queues at Motorway exit roads, no more ###### at roundabouts not indicating which way they are going, no more ###### jumping lights and ramming you, no more ###### buses taking too much road when turning and hitting you at junctions, need I say more….


  6. Brian Han

    YEAH!!!! F**K THE AI!!!!

  7. mine when i remove that “1” to “0”… it doesn’t actually make any changes in the game, i wonder what the problem is

  8. scarletwitchx3

    Yayyy!!! Thanks so much. ?

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