No Barrier

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Disable Tollgates Barrier
Tested version

Author: MolokoFast


10 thoughts on “No Barrier

  1. Naresh chinna

    it’s work on tsm v5.0

  2. Экак его шлагбаум пропорол :-))) Хоть как – то фильтруйте моды. Поток хлама и халтуры в последнее время. Sorry for my english. Слов нет.

  3. Streetsurfer1962

    Dann sollte man es auch schon richtig machen und die Schranken entfernen.

  4. AshtheBarron

    You should make it so that there is no bar across the path of your truck, it look weird to see a bar going through your truck.

    1. Faelandaea

      Someone already made one with the visible bars removed, but it crashes the game ######## for anyone with Going East DLC. It may be that it is not possible to remove the visible gates without crashing the game. I’m still going to give this a try as I use TSM 5.0 and my telepass needs to be a ###### telepass again 🙂

      1. Definitely not true !
        I’m using TollGate 1.0 in combination with Going East and Promods. It removes the bar in the gates in France and Italy, and no crashes whatsoever..
        Gates in Scandinavia remain though..

        1. Faelandaea

          The mod I was using is different. I didn;t try the one you quoted because the mod author specifically states: “This mod removes the barriers and traffic tolls only in France and
          Italy.” I hardly drive to France or Italy so I ignored that mod.

          I still have yet to see the results of this one, as since I installed it I haven;t been to a toll booth yet LOL.

    2. Faelandaea

      I forgot to add – I actually wish there was a way to mod it so that the regular car lanes stayed, and still charged, and ONLY the telepass lanes were opened up to pass through for commercial traffic. I am hoping to see this as a feature in ATS when it is released.

  5. Can you update for 1.28 please?

  6. instead please. 🙁 We really need this!

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