No damage all truck

No damage all version
mod no damage for all truck
for all version
tested 1.30 passed



5 thoughts on “No damage all truck

  1. Just why ? And why the hell over and over again ? Feels like not a single ###### day passes without a new “no-damage-mod”.

    And the problem´s still all the same:
    If you´re too dumb to drive, take the f*ck*ng bus !

    1. Digital X

      Took the words out of my mouth mate, it’s ridiculous init.

    2. WolfBunny

      If the mod isn’t for you move on. No need to comment at all. Do people tell you how to play?

  2. se mod est une GROSSE MERDE il ne fonctionne pas du tout avec la version de STEAM ni avec ProMods.

    1. Il ne marche pas avec ProMods certe mais sinon dans le jeu il marche.

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