No damage for TSM 5.1.x


No damage for TSM 5.1.x



7 Responses to No damage for TSM 5.1.x

  1. Pieper says:

    learn to drive instead…..dont cheat

  2. RubberDuckAsia says:

    Hi, this does not work, still receiving damage to the truck and trailer. My ETS2 version is 1.11 with TSM 5.1.1

    • JoK says:

      Hello, I have the same. In Morocco touched a Car, Game crashed. And also Damages on Material with another Touch.
      ETS2 1.11 with TSM 5.1.1 and GoEast.
      Can you please update it?
      Thank you.

  3. erenyazici says:

    doesn’t work this mod i use TSM 5.1.2 help me please

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