No damage for TSM 5.1.x


No damage for TSM 5.1.x



7 thoughts on “No damage for TSM 5.1.x

  1. learn to drive instead…..dont cheat

  2. RubberDuckAsia

    Hi, this does not work, still receiving damage to the truck and trailer. My ETS2 version is 1.11 with TSM 5.1.1

    1. Hello, I have the same. In Morocco touched a Car, Game crashed. And also Damages on Material with another Touch.
      ETS2 1.11 with TSM 5.1.1 and GoEast.
      Can you please update it?
      Thank you.

      1. Rename the .scs to

        “z No damage for TSM 5.1 by Julien.scs”

        so it loads after TSM files or it won’t work.

        1. RubberDuckAsia

          Yep it worked. Thanks 😀

          1. 🙂

  3. erenyazici

    doesn’t work this mod i use TSM 5.1.2 help me please

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