No Damage for TSM Map


No damage for truck and trailer for TSM map 5.3 and game versions 1.14.x

Author: emenen


5 thoughts on “No Damage for TSM Map

  1. zia azemira

    thank you very much !!!

  2. Fantastic Job, thank you very much.
    Works perfect.

  3. its only for the truck

    1. Greg, that´s not right.
      It works with Truck and Trailer. I tried it with some
      accidents, which I did specially to test it.
      But you should have 1.14.2 and TSM 5.3

  4. For some reason mine quit working after i installed a few mods removed all the mods i installed and it doesn’t work any more. Anyone have any advice as to how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

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