No Damage, Less Fines, More XP Mods


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3 Mods:

No damage mod on truck and trailer

Less fines mod – before:
– Car crash 400
– Avoid sleeping 150
– Wrong way 100
– Speeding (camera) 550
– No lights during night 150
– Red lights 350
– Speeding 550

Less fines mod – before: now:
– car crash 40
– avoid sleeping 15
– wrong way 10
– speeding (camera) 0
– No lights during night 150
– Red lights 35
– Speeding 0

More XP mod – before:
– Free roaming: 100km / 50xp
– Bonus for not using the autopark feature 45 xp

More XP mod – now:
– Free roaming: 100km / 500xp
– Bonus for not using the autopark feature 650 xp

Author: NaujOokaS


12 Responses to No Damage, Less Fines, More XP Mods

  1. stilo73 says:

    damage mod not work on promod ???

  2. monkey says:

    you do take damage so why title it no damage?

    • NaujOokaS says:

      It may not work with other mods that include “def/game_data.sii” Tested on vanila version (no mod) work perfect.

      • monkey says:

        should fix it to work with mods then

        • Hicham says:

          Monkey ,, you can’t use 2 game_data.sii files in the same time ! only one works that replaces the original one !!

  3. Matt says:

    It works on TSM map 5.1 V1.12 but can it be edited to increase the xp for free roam to say 5000

  4. Johnny says:

    Mod works with my FOV mod, but the fine changes seem to break using GBP as the display currency.

  5. serghei says:

    hi ,any chance to make mod for 1.14.0 please

  6. ZEESHAN says:

    Your Mod is awesome I requested that please make this mod for 1.14.2 version. thanks

  7. kondzix2001 says:

    Link is not work. Give new link!

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