No Damage, Less Fines, More XP Mods


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3 Mods:

No damage mod on truck and trailer

Less fines mod – before:
– Car crash 400
– Avoid sleeping 150
– Wrong way 100
– Speeding (camera) 550
– No lights during night 150
– Red lights 350
– Speeding 550

Less fines mod – before: now:
– car crash 40
– avoid sleeping 15
– wrong way 10
– speeding (camera) 0
– No lights during night 150
– Red lights 35
– Speeding 0

More XP mod – before:
– Free roaming: 100km / 50xp
– Bonus for not using the autopark feature 45 xp

More XP mod – now:
– Free roaming: 100km / 500xp
– Bonus for not using the autopark feature 650 xp

Author: NaujOokaS


12 thoughts on “No Damage, Less Fines, More XP Mods

  1. damage mod not work on promod ???

    1. is this a question or does it not word with promods

    2. NaujOokaS

      Dont know, not tested..

  2. you do take damage so why title it no damage?

    1. NaujOokaS

      It may not work with other mods that include “def/game_data.sii” Tested on vanila version (no mod) work perfect.

      1. should fix it to work with mods then

        1. Monkey ,, you can’t use 2 game_data.sii files in the same time ! only one works that replaces the original one !!

  3. It works on TSM map 5.1 V1.12 but can it be edited to increase the xp for free roam to say 5000

  4. Mod works with my FOV mod, but the fine changes seem to break using GBP as the display currency.

  5. hi ,any chance to make mod for 1.14.0 please

  6. Your Mod is awesome I requested that please make this mod for 1.14.2 version. thanks

  7. kondzix2001

    Link is not work. Give new link!

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