No Damage Mod (1.22)


Truck and Trailer will not damage
Tested on version: 1.22 beta

Author: Kaptan Demir


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7 thoughts on “No Damage Mod (1.22)

  1. Yeah, here we go, the 121st no-damage-mod.
    No watch Captain Crash goin’ wild at the famous Destruction Derby.

    You sure, you´re playing the right game ?

  2. Work on MP?

  3. You’re an #####. If this isn’t a mod that you don’t want in the game, don’t take the time to actually FIND these sort of mods and comment on them.

  4. this mod causes my game to crash like bananas. don’t know what it is, clean install and without it the game runs fine.

  5. macadamstreet

    mod need update, didnt work anymore at this moment (after lat update)

  6. Fonctionne t-il sur la promods v2 ???

  7. hungariantrucker

    Nico..promods has def file with no damage mod.
    Just dowlnoad it from their site

    Though for tsm and other maps can t find a no damage mod which works

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