No Damage Mod for 1.14


This is a no damage mod for the 1.14 beta version.



4 thoughts on “No Damage Mod for 1.14

  1. Eastern Express v 4.0 + Addon (1.14) has a good map zoom. No Damage contains a game data file.
    This game data overrides and modify the correct map.
    There is enough space on the left but no right.
    Fix it Please.

    1. Hey!
      I probably can fix this for you. Could you send me the game_date file from the Eastern Express map trough my e-mail adress (In the readme)? I’ll contact you further via e-mail!

      1. If it were not protected with a password,
        then I wrote it myself the damage coefficient to zero.

  2. Don’t work with 1.14

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