No Damage Mod for TSM5


This is a no damage mod for the TSM 5.0 mod



13 thoughts on “No Damage Mod for TSM5

  1. ponpon6259

    merci enfin sa marche merci bon taffffffffffff

    1. Soyez le bienvenu, merci d’avoir répondu 🙂 (srry my french is bad :P)

  2. At last…

    Many, many thanks for this Mod.

    Now I don’t have to put up with incomprehensibly idiotic A.I. ramming me at junctions, toll gates, traffic lights when they are green etc, and costing me more than my dam load is paying.

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 thx for reply!

  3. Learn to drive and you’ll not have damage. 😉

    1. Yeah – Tell that to the so-called fixed AI.

      It’s like driving in a world filled with clones of my x-wife driving all of the vehicles.

      Oh God!!!

      Now I need to wash myself thoroughly after thinking about that (shudder) 😛

  4. I can not get it to work. I have TSM 5 but i hit a wall and it still gave me damage. Suggestions?

    1. Are you shure you activate the mod in-game? If not it could interrupt with any other mod you have installed, try to turn these of and see if it works. (Mostly it wont work with (other) Truck, Skins and Map mods)

      1. *if yes it could…

    2. Hi ESKIMO – Make sure that this MOD is at the bottom of your Mods’s list by adding a few zzzzzz in front of the filename.

      1. I will try both things. I do have other skins mods but TSM is only map mods I use.

  5. how do i install the mod?

    1. 1. Download the mod
      2. Open your ‘Documents folder
      3. Open ‘Euro Truck Simulator 2’
      4. Open ‘Mods”
      5. Paste the mod you just download in this map.
      6. Start the game
      7. Before you start, go to ‘Edit’. (It’s in the left corner of the profile pop-up thing)
      8. Check the box wich is named: NoDamageMod.scs
      9. Have fun!

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