No more Haystacks for 1.31

This mod replaces all those old fashioned Haystacks with Round bales

Compatible with 1.31.xx ONLY!

Reef, Mahad110, Devilagent


4 thoughts on “No more Haystacks for 1.31

  1. lol pointless mods!!!

    Why do this??

  2. William L Patel

    This is the most meaningless MOD I have ever seen

  3. devilagent76

    the mod just replace old haystacks into modern bales, since that old haystacks are not being used in most country’s. It’s only affecting the base map and Going East. For me and others who pay attention and care for details the old haystacks are annoying. If it is not for you because you don’t care, just don’t use it. Once SCS will modernize the base map and Going East, this mod has no use anymore, but that will take years.

  4. nice view

    Thank You devilagent76

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