No need for sleep v1.0

sleep-2 sleep

No need for sleep

With this mod you can drive 24 hours and then you only need to rest 1
min. Really good mod if you want just drive and feel day and night.

Feel free to DONATE:
By donating I can continue doing mods!

Works on game version 1.26. No need for new profile!



6 thoughts on “No need for sleep v1.0

  1. Why would we need this mod when the option is in-game? Do some propoer mods if you want donations.

  2. turboiron

    ######. The author did not play this game! After all this, and that is the game settings!

  3. turboiron

    And money still want! Or maybe you want a beating? ######!

  4. Mike Rules

    What is the point of this mod when we already have this option in the game !?

  5. Pointless…

  6. Don’t need a mod for this. Just go to game options while in the game and go to gameplay. You will find fatigue simulation. Just uncheck that and no sleep ever.

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