No Police Fines 1.19x


This mod has been tested on the game version 1.19x and will make all police fines equal to 0.


Distribute using the original download link!

Enjoy the mod!

BH Engineering


10 Responses to No Police Fines 1.19x

  1. paul says:


  2. Chalongchchai says:


  3. doesntmatter says:

    Yeah this “mod” is just changing a number in a config file.. seriously. It’s not hard to change “police” from 1 to 0. Christ, some people.

    • BH Engineering says:

      I don’t see you releasing anything! Like your name says, it really “doesn’t matter” what you say

  4. Helmax says:

    I really don’t see the point at this mod. You don’t need a mod to not get police fines. Simply go to your game folder in documents and open config.cfg in your profile and change g_police to 0 (zero), and save. Same effect as this mod. đŸ™‚

    • BH Engineering says:

      Some people may just put a mod in their game instead of editing files. Not everyone has the capability of doing so

  5. Mustaffa99 says:

    yeah man really engineering, change a 1 to 0…….

    • BH Engineering says:

      Don’t like it, don’t comment. Change that 1 comment to 0 in the future. Is that simple enough for you?

  6. martin says:

    No functions, no damage no functions. You advise someone please

  7. paul says:

    look guys I see the point that BH as done with this md not everyone know how to change files for the game iam not simple and know my way around a computer but the are still things iam not sure how to do and this mod helps someone like me so a big thumbs up to BH engineering thanks

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