No Police / Fines


This Mod disables your chances of getting fines on ETS2. You will not get a fine for any action which would usually get you a fine, and you will not get a message blocking your GPS either.

Tested on 1.14.X



5 thoughts on “No Police / Fines

  1. doesnt work..

    1. MasterMods

      Email me at [email protected] and I’ll work out your problem

  2. or you go the config file and search for g_police 1 and put a 0 on it when you find it

    1. MasterMods

      Or you want people to download mods from you to make it easier, I found a few people who changed the config but the game changed it back, so here is a Mod for it

    2. RangeAndy

      Ain’t no g_police in my config.

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