No Road end v 2.0


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No road end signs and no invisible walls.

Full compatible with 1.24/25/26 game versions and all DLC (also “Vive
La France” DLC)!



8 thoughts on “No Road end v 2.0

  1. AlexCrazy

    :)) and again same old mod from 2013 with no changes…. real author Knox_xss

    1. EvgenKo423

      Here really should be some mod rating system and top mods list.

      I actually once tried searching for some of the original Knox_xss’s mods and found almost nothing (I’m not the poster of this mod). Nothing in English sites, nothing in Russian… And almost everything I’ve found from those times has a broken link.

      Maybe Knox_xss should finally post all of his mods on SCS forums or here, for example?

        1. EvgenKo423

          Yes, I’ve seen that pack,but what about this mod:

  2. The original old mod, before the dlc’s, was of apferreira truckman

  3. Thank you!

  4. Thank you))))

  5. Alexandre.B

    Will there be a new version because with the new update the mod is CRASH my game.Thank you

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