No Road end v 3.0

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No road end signs and no invisible walls.

Full compatible with 1.30.x game versions and all DLC!



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14 thoughts on “No Road end v 3.0

  1. Interesting. Priority?

  2. Possible for ATS? Loving this one for ETS2

    1. You can got it in Steam Workshop 😉

  3. Yes, work in ATS.

  4. RayFiftyOne

    Useless! You’re going nowhere.

    1. The mod to increase the reality.

  5. hello

    super mod

  6. lordmodets2

    I made this mod in the time of the ETS and the GERMAN TRUCK SIMULATOR and until today nobody has placed a credit for me buábuá … heheheheheh …

    1. Killer of Thieves

      … heheheheheh …

    2. There is a guy on Steam who says he did ETS2 No Fences, si that you or did he steal your mod? If you made this mod, can you remake it by putting a small warning sign, like a red line, when entering no-go roads, to avoid suddenly falling down?

  7. victor198134

    Я ждал его с момента когда стала игра версии 1,30. Зачёт.. супер!

  8. Master did you do well with Promods 2.25

  9. Adrian G.

    About Promods 2.25, the game crashes instantly, that in conjunction with Project Balkans 2.7, haven’t tested on pure Promods yet, but it should work fine, I hope…

    The only bug found so far is the inability to connect with Project Balkans, this and this only.

    Using Rusmap with Promods and Scandinavian Addon by Chris94, should also be very stable and compatible, at least.

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