No Roadblocks V6 [1.31]

This mod removes the Fences on the entire map.

It will be removed nThe symbols and the streets behind are passable.

No invisible walls longer.



3 Responses to No Roadblocks V6 [1.31]

  1. scaniafreak says:

    Funzt bei mir irgendwie nicht stürtz immer ab bin momentan in palermo hinten bei der firma mit den 2 Kreisverkehren und ich komm nicht durch diesen kreisverkehr

  2. Gutte72 says:

    This does not fade at 1.31 if I run from Esbjerg – Denmark or from Åalborg – Denmark, then the game unlocks and you can recharge if the game does not know if it happens elsewhere not tested, can you get a working version to 1.31?

  3. Liam says:

    Finally can see whats other the Barriers but theres nothing but good tho wont smash my truck in case i took wrong turning thank you it worked for me 🙂

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