No Roadend Signs

This mod removes all Characters, such as X or turn arrows at Streetends and transparent walls.

Please note. The invisible walls are not removed.



6 thoughts on “No Roadend Signs

  1. realy ,what happen to those roads ,are ending somewhere or the gps gives you another route?

    1. Nothing different. This mod change only the optical Impressions for the Player. You will drive towards a invisible wall.

    2. Golden Modding

      No if you go there you fall out of the map you can drive some time and then the road end and you fall out of map and gps isnt give a new road maybe it crash the game or gps crash

      1. TheGreenlightTrucker

        You can’t read, right? “The invisible walls are NOT removed.”

    3. TheGreenlightTrucker

      The picture say MORE as thousand words 😉

  2. Remove the invisible Walls please all Walls Please

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