No Traffic, No Truck, No Cars


No All Trafic
– No Truck
– No Cars



11 Responses to No Traffic, No Truck, No Cars

  1. Henrik says:

    If there is no traffic, no cars and no trucks then there is no reason to play. Stupid mod.

  2. pitrs says:

    no traffic, no trucks, no cars = NO GAME

  3. Greg says:

    no traffic, no trucks, no cars,no thank you

    • venntie says:

      ja und…. mal was anderes .kommst schneller an ziel ,verdienst schneller was ,meine hatt ja auch sein vorteil ,finde ich mal gut ,und danke für den dowolads ,kann mann ja wieder rausnehmen ,wenn ihr kein bock habt ,also ned hier rumflennen

  4. KaterHH says:

    No Traffic, no Cars, no Trucks = open Console an write:
    g_traffic 0

  5. FatLizard says:

    Add a Mod that take out also the roads and the signs and I’ll be sitting there watching at my desktop all the time … 😀

    • Andys71 says:

      or you can just disable the AI in the either the console or config file…pointless and needless mod 0/10 must do better

  6. Asero says:

    This is for testing trucks and other mods. But g_traffic 0 works just as well if you know how to use the console, so this is pretty pointless.

  7. the_wave says:

    If there is no any movement any more, what then is the sense of this great game at all?
    To drive lonely on any streets, for what do you drive then at all?
    Is it this you want to bring to us, to drive lonely on any road?
    – If so, then tell us the higher sense behind, I ask you……

  8. ebay_dot_com says:

    Brilliant mod! It helps me to speed on Highway roads and nothing is gonna stop me.

    From Greece.

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