Non Flat Country Roads v 0.2 1.32

I managed to make “bumpier” roads. It’s about country roads and village roads.
I’m unable to make ai traffic to be sensitiv to this roads, but, at least, you can feel-it in your trucks !!!!!

New Version v 0.2:
– Added german and french country and villages roads !!!!!

Version 0.1:
– For italien country and village roads.

Todor Alin ; Adaptation: Terg


7 Responses to Non Flat Country Roads v 0.2 1.32

  1. LGardner says:


    • JoachimK says:

      Yes, now the biggest Thief from a us-Site comes now here up:
      2018-10-01 22:44:10

      • HalilY says:

        no fake, I have tested, it is a updated version

        @JoachimK Do you have another “Job” except to come and place your bullsh..i..t opinions to this site?!

        • JoachimK says:

          Wow, very intelligent… 🙁
          If you support Thieves, you have nothing to do here.

          And post your blaming and Spam Comments.
          Reported !

  2. HalilY says:

    No fake at all! Updated version so shut up JoachimK, you don’t have any other jobs then to post here some #### no one is interested in!!!!

    • JoachimK says:

      Poor Guy. You should be a Member of the Thief-Community… 🙁

  3. Phoenix says:

    Only France, Germany and Italy? what about the rest of the map, also may want use a different file host as that one keeps trying to take people to dangerous websites.

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