Nor-Cargo Bussbygg Skin fix

Skin for bussbygg by BadKarmaCustoms,
Made to fit the topline cabin with the 5 series accessories,
Place the skin above the bussbygg mod,
Fixed some texture errors,
Respect my work, if share keep the original link,
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3 thoughts on “Nor-Cargo Bussbygg Skin fix

  1. Very nice skin, can you make it for serie 4 please.

  2. Rudi Nenson!wvBm1aoD!lGPYMNUFnbZSgvo1moeD6qJxE7mNeTSIw2sxjEPsUWo
    hier der komplette Scania S bussbygg,viel spass damit-ein klient den akirix betrügen wollte ,viel spass mit dem bussbyg scania next generation

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