North America Map Open Beta 1.32

New map features:
-Adapted to 1.32.x version
-Fixed bugs
– Add city of America
-Improved performance
-Several reconstructed routes in America
– Add Battle Mountain missing city limit and leaving city signs
This mod add lots of new cities and highways missing from the game!
Place the America Map mod above every map mod that you have!
This is a standalone map, you need a new profile to use it.
Disabling the map at any time should cause issues.



4 thoughts on “North America Map Open Beta 1.32

  1. paulo sagitario

    this is map canadian by ivan mikyta

  2. I’m Guessing This Id ATS Not ETS2?

  3. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Now we can play ATS in ETS2 again.

  4. how do i install this, it’s got 2 files inside, which is def.scs and map.scs, i put the both files inside but the when i load it to the new profile the game just give me error message and showing me autosave thing

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