North East Voice Sat Nav

I’m a North East voice over, from Newcastle Upon Tyne, I decided to bring my voice to the GPS in Euro Truck Sim 2/American Truck Simulator. If you don’t like the mod, please let me know in the comments why you don’t like it and how it can be improved, I’m always looking to perfect the mod for your needs.



4 thoughts on “North East Voice Sat Nav

  1. BGC_Trucking

    quality mod ?

  2. truckinrebble

    how do I get it to work?

  3. Female Trucker

    Very good mod but ! It didn’t work all the time and I was getting red errors with it and when it stopped working, it crashed the game to desktop. Any idea’s please?

    1. smithy1978

      Hello Female Trucker, I’ll work on that for you, I tested it before uploading it, but i’ll ensure it’s uploaded again under another version. Thanks for the feedback.

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