Northern Ireland Rebuilding v0.50 [1.47]

Northern Ireland Rebuilding v0.50
Changelog v0.50
New discovered city : Antrim
New place / scenery town : Templepatrick
New scenery place : Belfast International Airport, Antrim
New scenery place : Nutts Corner + its roundabout
New road A26 from Moira junction to roundabout A26/A57 around Muckamore, Antrim
New road A57 from Templepatrick to Belfast International Airport
Rebuilt existing M2-M22-A6 expressway from Templepatrick to Castledawson
Rebuilt existing A31 road (Magherafelt Bypass) from Castledawson roundabout
Compatiblity with Promods 2.65 and ETS2 1.47
Supported Game Versions: 1.47



7 thoughts on “Northern Ireland Rebuilding v0.50 [1.47]

  1. This is brilliant!! where can i follow the progress officially? id love to see Dublin and the lot of Ireland expanded upon.

  2. It would be nice if we can follow this on the scs forum

  3. the progress is on Promdos Forum

  4. Burnout please give us an link

  5. this is not working for me says outdated can u update asap

  6. yes it is still for 1.46, there is no update for 1.47 on the forum

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