Northern Scandinavia standalone map beta v0.95


This is the first public release of the long-awaited standalone map of Northern Scandinavia.
Just to clarify, this mod has nothing to do with the upcoming DLC to SCS and also not ProMods. All i can give credits to is the prefabs FLD have gave me, and he is part of the ProMods team.

Cities that is part of v0.95(same for next version, v1.0)
– Bodø
– Tverlandet
– Saltstraumen
– Fauske
– Moskenes
– Å i Lofoten

Also to notice, this is a work in progress map, so some areas on the map are not finished yet.

– Because it is a standalone map, it isn’t compatible with any other map mods, but compatible with other mods, most likely. Only tested with graphic mods
– v1.15x compatibility. Not tested on v1.14x. Not likely compatible on 1.13x.

Instructions for installing:
– Because of i have used FLD’s prefabs, that mean that you will have to get them from him. I am not allowed to upload his prefabs, so all you have to do is just send him an email: [email protected]
You can also find FLD on the ProMods forum and on the SCS forum. Ask him about his prefabs
– Copy and past these files into the mod folder, which is located in Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod: NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, FLD’s tzmap.scs and NorthernScandinavia-map.scs
– Start a new profile
– Create your profile information
– Activate NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, FLD’s tzmap.scs and NorthernScandinavia-map.scs
– Set game module to Test1.mdb, not europe.mdb, or the game will crash



15 thoughts on “Northern Scandinavia standalone map beta v0.95

  1. На v1.15x – ВЫЛЕТ из ИГРЫ !!
    On v1.15x – DEPARTURE from the game !!

    1. lolmarseille

      how to open FLD’s maybe any link\\\

  2. lolmarseille

    how to open FLD’s

  3. You can upload your map with FLD’s prefabs included…
    You just can’t upload FLD’s prefabs on their own.
    He just doesn’t want his prefabs uploaded on other sites, but if you use them in your map it would be strange that everyone who wants to use your map should ask him for his prefabs…
    Because you’re the one that’s responsible for your map…
    The only ones that contact him are mapmakers…

  4. He is not online on promods,and no mail!!this is bullshit!!!!!!why put a map here we cant use??

  5. Mr german truck does it work for you?have you got the prefabs?


    There’s a new DL link there:

    “The prefabs mod has now been included in my map.”

  7. will it work on 1.16 game version?my game crash!

    1. should update this to 1.16

    2. Chris94_NOR

      The map is crashing because it ia likely i have to change the truck dealers in my map.
      I am the creator of this map.

      1. You say on scsforum that “My mod work aswell on 1.16. No problem running it on 1.16”

        1. Chris94_NOR

          Someone has reported that my map is also working on 1.16

  8. Chris94_NOR

    Just pay attention everyone. A new version is coming very soon now here on

    If you are tired of waiting, you can find the new one here:

    This version will fix some bugs that has been found on the map.

  9. EJTruckingINC

    thanks but no thanks im sure SCS DLC of Scandinavia will be much better!

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