Northern Scandinavia standalone map beta v0.961(fix for v0.95)


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This is a new version that will fix some bugs that has been reported. Also, the prefabs file to FLD has been included aswell in this download.

Bugs fixed:
– Invisible wall at road between the tollgate and the intersection to N. Hunstadmoen/Ø. Hunstadmoen
– Invisible wall at Shell gas station in Fauske near the truck dealer
– Invisible wall at truck dealer in Bodoe
– Sign moved from the road at a cross in Vikan/Tverlandet
– Company without a name in Bodoe caused the game to crash but is not doing it now.

Bugs unable to be fixed:
– Activation on truck dealer in Fauske
– Several bugs in Aa and Tind, because this is an area that is most uncompleted on the map.

Just to clarify, this mod has nothing to do with the upcoming DLC to SCS and also not ProMods. All i can give credits to is the prefabs FLD have gave me, and he is part of the ProMods team.

Cities that is part of this(same for next version, v1.0)
– Bodø
– Tverlandet
– Saltstraumen
– Fauske
– Moskenes
– Å i Lofoten

Also to notice, this is a work in progress map, so some areas on the map are not finished yet.

– Because it is a standalone map, it isn’t compatible with any other map mods, but compatible with other mods, most likely. Only tested with graphic mods
– Compatible with v1.15x and v1.16x

Instructions for installing:
– Copy and past these files into the mod folder, which is located in Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod: NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, tzmap.scs and NorthernScandinavia-map.scs
– Start a new profile
– Create your profile information
– Activate NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, tzmap.scs and NorthernScandinavia-map.scs
– Set game module to Test1.mdb, not europe.mdb, or the game will crash



5 thoughts on “Northern Scandinavia standalone map beta v0.961(fix for v0.95)

    1. Chris94_NOR

      I know about that video. Btw, i am the one who created the map.

      1. TeddyBear

        Is the map big?
        I mean. Does it take long to travel between the cities?

      2. Hello friend, I can help with anything on your Mac, if not much to say because I also Ediar maps;)

  1. Rocket455Man


    What countries does the map contain?

    Is Finland in it?

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