Northern Scandinavia standalone map beta v0.97


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This is a new version that will fix some bugs that has been reported, from v0.961

Bugs fixed:
– Rock on the road near tollgate
– Dissapearing cars near the Scania truck dealer in Bodoe
– Invisible wall on bridge outside Fauske
– Lamp post moved to the side of the road near N. Hunstadmoen
– Trees growing in the water(4305.83;18.4463;-34574)
– Floating grass(-9594.81;-22.3103;-5635.38)
Water missing/hole in the terrain(-9490.46;-24.2036;-5638.51)
– Mountain floating(-9593.11;-25.4867;-5849.14)
– Floating rock(-3524.39;102.735;-28069.1)

New city:
– Stromsnes(Strømsnes)

New changes on the map:
– Added company Trameri to Hunstad
– Added company Posped to Hunstad
– Added company eAcres to Bertnes
– Added company Lkwlog to Bertnes
– Added company Eurogoodies to Stromsnes

Also to notice, this is a work in progress map, so some areas on the map are not finished yet.

– Because it is a standalone map, it isn’t compatible with any other map mods, but compatible with other mods, most likely. Only tested with graphic mods
– Compatible with v1.15x and v1.16x

Instructions for installing:
– Replace the files, in case you already have my mod already installed
– Copy and past these files into the mod folder, which is located in Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod: NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, tzmap.scs and NorthernScandinavia-map.scs
– Start a new profile(not necessary if you have my mod already installed)
– Create your profile information
– Activate NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, tzmap.scs and NorthernScandinavia-map.scs
– Set game module to Test1.mdb, not europe.mdb, or the game will crash



12 Responses to Northern Scandinavia standalone map beta v0.97

  1. vlad says:

    make it add-on to standard please

    • Chris94_NOR says:

      Not possible to add it to the standard map because of the scale between my map to the original map. Most of the places i am going to add in the map won’t fit in the scale of the original map.

  2. paulo says:

    esse mapa deveria ser complemento para outros , ficaria melhor o jogo sem mudar perfil

  3. marcus says:

    this mods is not working corect Northern Scandinavia standalone map is error

  4. Robertcarrizal says:

    possible for TSM 5.4

  5. sukamto says:

    crash at the very first start!!!!

  6. sukamto says:

    or is it necessary to remove other map mods from mod folder eventhough they are not activated???

  7. AnDr1k. says:

    ” Wall ” near the town Stromsnes.

  8. E-S-P-N says:

    DEAD! This is horseshit…

  9. lolmarseille says:

    is the release dat today of the new map the nortend scandinavia mod? v0.975

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