Northern Scandinavia standalone map beta v0.98


I am happy to announce that the new version is now officially released!!!

– The installation is very simple. If you have my map mod already, replace all the new three files with the existing ones.
– Make sure you set the game module on “Test1.mdb”, not “europe.mdb”, or the game will just crash, because this is a standalone map which is replacing the original map.
Bugs fixed:
-Invisible wall at Stromsnes
-Invisible wall at Tree’et company in Moskenes
-Fixed the bugs at the roundabout in Stromsnes
-Traffic light bug at roadcross in Tverlandet
-Some parts of the map, road barriers are corrected.

Bugs that are not fixed:
-Location of the map
-Invisible walls at the intersection near Tverlandsbrua(Tverlandet Bridge)
-Correct value while passing toll stations
-Rain in some tunnels
– v1.16x
– Not tested on v1.15, because of new prefabs that are released by FLD
New features in v0.98:
– Fv530(Stromsnes and towards Fauske added
– countryroad between Tverlandet and towards Saltstraumen added(old Fv17)
– Draw distance improvements in some areas
– More industrial area in Bodø added
– Intersection between toll station at Vikan and between Tverlandsbrua added, connection to Bodøtunnelen(Bodø Tunnel)
– Bodøtunnelen(Bodø Tunnel) opened for traffic. IRL the tunnel is under construction. It will take too long time until the tunnel is opened, so this is fictional
– Road construction between Vikan(Tverlandet) and near Bertnes added(will be more detailed in a later version)
– Extension of Bodøtunnelen(fictional) between the city and Vikan(Tverlandet). This was just my vision of the extension of the very short 4-lane between Tverlandet and
Vikan which is only almost 3km long.
New cities:
– Finneid added(district to Fauske)



9 thoughts on “Northern Scandinavia standalone map beta v0.98

  1. Grendel Viking

    Jogo versao 1.16.2 nao funciona com perfil novo!!
    Fecha o jogo ao criar perfil 🙁

    1. Chris94_NOR

      Can you say that in English please?

  2. Shogoon1984

    Does it work with TSM?

    1. Chris94_NOR

      It is a standalone map, so it doesn’t work with any other maps. It is a replacement of the original map.

  3. Rocket455Man


    Which countries it includes?

    – Real Full Trailer Combination Driver –

    1. Chris94_NOR

      It is only a few cities in Nordland County,Norway. After v1.0 is coming, it will be expanded further. Mostly the whole Nordland County will be mapped, some parts of Troms County(includes Tromsø) and Västerbotten County and Norrbotten County in Sweden. After there, northern Finland and northwestern Russia will come.

  4. ExperimentalTrucker

    This run consists of exploring the map and a delivery.

    1. Shogoon1984

      This is a Simulation. Not a Truck Racing Game…..

  5. You should make Lofoten and Finnmark!

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