Northern Scandinavia Standalone Map v 0.981 BETA

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New version officially released! This new version was dedicated to fix the intersection between Vikan and Tverlandet Bridge.

– The installation is very simple. If you have my map mod already, replace all the new three files with the existing ones.
– Make sure you set the game module on “Test1.mdb”, not “europe.mdb”, or the game will just crash, because this is a standalone map which is replacing the original map.

Bugs fixed:
No bugs discovered in previous version(v0.98), except that this is a fix for the v0.98 that i mentioned myself that there was just 2 or three bugs in it. That is fixed.

Bugs that are not fixed:
– Location of the map
– Correct value while passing toll stations
– Rain in some tunnels
– Truck dealer at Fauske

– 1.16.x versions
– Not tested on v1.15, because of new prefabs that are released by FLD

New features in v 0.981:
– More construction sites along the Rv80 road. Some scenery added outside Bodø, lamp posts etc…
– Fuel station added at Alstad. It is along the Rv80 road leading out of Bodø(not through the Bodø Tunnel).
– The new 4-lane Rv80 road between Vikan and Hunstad will be opened in v1.0

New cities:
– No new ones from the previous version (v0.98)

Author: FLD


8 Responses to Northern Scandinavia Standalone Map v 0.981 BETA

  1. reiner Zufall says:

    Error Error Error

    Fake Fake

    • Chris94_NOR says:

      Excuse me? How is this fake? This is not SCS’ work. This is actually mine. The map is standalone, has nothing to do with the DLC Going North. Learn how to read.

  2. Sasquatch says:

    This is an excellent map however it needs more service stations within the northern cities. Thank you for the update.

  3. Dytschke says:

    After a few deliveries, there are no more Auträge. Very pity, otherwise a successful Mod

  4. Badminton 99 says:

    Nice Map! Really likes it!

  5. Jakov1522 says:

    I have promods map 😛 i dont need it

  6. ron boy says:


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