Northern Scandinavia v0.98.6 for 1.18(standalone map)


This is a hotfix version for the other version of the Northern Scandinavia map that makes it compatible with 1.18
0.98.5 wasn’t compatible with 1.18, only with 1.17

How to install:
– Move the scs files to the ETS2 mod folder: My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod
– Start a new profile(if you don’t have this map already)
– Make sure you set the game module on “Test1.mdb”, not “europe.mdb”, or the game will just crash, because this is a standalone map which is replacing the original map.
– And there you go, you are all set.

Bugs that are not fixed:
– Location of the map
– Correct value while passing toll stations
– Rain in some tunnels
– Invisible wall on new highway section from Hunstad to Bertnes. This occures after you have passed a village called Valle(sign on the road for it). It is between Valle and Vikan to be exactly.

– v1.18
– Not tested on 1.17
– Requires DLC Scandinavia to use the map. This has been explained before and would not like to explain again.

New features in v0.98.5:
– New highway section between Hunstad and Tverlandet. New 4-lane road opened.
– Mercedes/MAN truck dealer(scenery object) added in Bodø
– Names of certain cities like Bodø is not now Bodoe. Stromsnes is now Strømsnes, Aa i Lofoten is now Å i Lofoten.

FLD(prefabs, models), Chris94_NOR(map developer)


9 Responses to Northern Scandinavia v0.98.6 for 1.18(standalone map)

  1. paulo says:

    bom dia , esse mapa ficaria muito bom se fosse , compativel e complementar a outros mapas, TSM,PROMODS,MARIO MAPA, ETC… , deixaria assim o jogo muito mais completo sem ter que mudar de perfil , solicito ao autor numa proxima atualização a possibilidade de deixa-lo como complemento , obrigado

    • Chris94_NOR says:

      I am the author and i have told this before, and this is the damn last time i am telling it. The map can’t be converted to be compatible with other maps such as ProMods, TSM and others. Read the damn forums.

  2. SlavikSD says:

    Bertnes – Tverlandet on the road a lot of invisible walls left

    • Chris94_NOR says:

      Read the descriptions first. I just told that there are invisible walls there.

      • Walter Plinge says:

        Hey Chris…

        I’m afraid your talents are wasted with these type of people mate.

        Reading is a dying art!!!

        Nice map btw. Maps aren’t easy to do either.

        Maximum reeespect

  3. texasman says:

    respekt for your work, maby you can make this map work with tsm or promod like the turkey map, would be awesome, anyway good work

    • tonyk says:

      Like Chris said it’s a standalone map which is it’s own map.It is not designed to link to other maps.

      • Chris94_NOR says:

        And it is too late to do any changes to scale it down. If i am gonna make one in a proper ETS2-scale, i would have to design a totally new map from the start. I have tried it before, and i didn’t got it to work.

  4. Kyle Smith says:

    Does this add anything to the Scandinavian DLC?

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