Northern Scandinavia v0.99.2.1 for 1.24x(standalone map)


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ETS2 Northern Scandinavia v0.99.2.1 for ETS2 version 1.24. This is mostly a compatibility version for new ets2 patch 1.24.

First a little Q&A which this one is very important in every future releases.

Q: Why is it required to have DLC Scandinavia to use this map?
A: It is required because the map is using models, prefabs, roads, tunnels and many other things from DLC Scandinavia

Q: When it is required to used DLC Scandinavia, is it required to have DLC Going East aswell?
A: No, it is not required to use DLC Going East because the map is not using any models and prefabs from it

Q: Is the map compatible with other map mods?
A: No, the map is unfortunately not compatible with other map mods because the map is a standalone map, and also it is a different scale
than the vannila map. The standard vanilla map of ETS2 is in a scale of 1:19(UK is 1:15), where this map is in a real-life scale, 1:1, real-scale, real-time hours.

Q: Is it possible to make this map compatible with other map mods?
A: It is not possible because then i would have to make a new map, in same scale as the vanilla map and then there would be many cities i would have to leave out in it.
I have considered to make a Northern Scandinavia map in 1:19 scale. I tried it before, but never succeeded.

Copyright and sharing:
– Feel free to share this mod on other mod sites, but keep the original link.

– Copy and paste NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, NorthernScandinavia-map.scs, NorthernScandinavia.scs and tzmap.scs to “Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod”
– Create new profile(only for those who don’t have a profile already of my map)
– Activate NorthernScandinavia-def.scs, NorthernScandinavia-map.scs, NorthernScandinavia.scs(Northern Scandinavia Material Pack) and tzmap.scs(prefabs_packed) via Mod Manager
– Set the files in this order on Mod Manager: prefabs_packed, NorthernScandinavia.scs, NorthernScandinavia-map.scs, NorthernScandinavia-def.scs
– Set game module to “NorthernScandinavia.mbd” and not “europe.mbd”, because this is a standalone map
– Complete profile and then select your city. Current cities available for headquarter are Bodø and Fauske.

Bugs fixed:
– Rain in tunnels are now finally fixed. All over the accesible map.
– Rain under bridges are also fixed

Bugs not fixed:
– Background map not added to world map

New features and scenery upgrades:
– City entrance in Bodø are improved. A new parking area has been added here
– New 4-lane road near IKA in Bodø(partially completed)
– Major improvements on road between Tverlandet to Fauske

New cities:
– No new cities

New companies:
– AgroNord(Rognan)

Uncompleted areas:
– Reine not completed
– Working on the road towards Saltfjellet mountain range on E6 and also towards the Norway-Sweden border on Rv77(Rv95) “Silvervägen”

– 1.24x
– Works with all other mods other than map mods that are working in 1.24x

FLD(prefabs pack)
Chris94_NOR(map developer)
Taoroot(background map in editor, work in progress)

Chris94_NOR(map developer), FLD(prefabs pack), Taoroot(background map in editor, work in progress)


13 Responses to Northern Scandinavia v0.99.2.1 for 1.24x(standalone map)

  1. paulo says:

    parabens pelo mod , por favor deixar como complemento para outros mapas. obrigado

  2. abdi9x says:

    is this map compatible with ets 1.23 version?

    • Chris94_NOR says:

      Not tested on 1.23 but this new version was actually meant for the new update, 1.24

      • abdi9x says:

        i’ll take…. and test it

      • abdi9x says:

        ah….. you should add compatibility for 1.23. and let someone test it…

        • Chris94_NOR says:

          Why can’t you just update to 1.24? I am going forward, as the game is moving forward. If you simply just don’t want to update to 1.24, then not use the map. It’s your choice.

          • abdi9x says:

            okay, its great….. great job! 🙂

          • abdi9x says:

            anway, should i buy new license if i do update for this game?

        • Chris94_NOR says:

          That’s not how the game works. Update patches are for free. You either update via Steam or on

  3. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here is a delivery completed with the map.

    Picked up cargo in Fauske
    Teleported to Reine
    Explored about 80% of the map
    Delivered cargo back in Fauske 216km Delivery Run

  4. Alien says:

    Anyone else encountering an invisible wall? Had it in both release and hotfixed versions.

  5. Michael says:

    yeah, i got it too, about 26 km after the city after fauske to the north

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