NTM PWT Trailer 1.36.x DX11

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NTM PWT Trailer by Kast and dutchliner, updated by Ultrabald for ETS 1.36 DX11.

Change log :
_Textures and model updated to DX11.
_Minor adjustements.

Known issues :
_Two errors in gamelog that are not harmful.

Kast, dutchliner, Ultrabald


8 thoughts on “NTM PWT Trailer 1.36.x DX11

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.36…

    1. The noob steals from Driverstein and MrGermantruck. Because he has no ideas of his own!

      1. german truck is ####, reviews stolen mods, and driverstein is ######

      2. Why are you talking about stolen mods ?

        The original mod for 1.32 is available here at ets2.lt and everywhere on the net.

        I just updated it to 1.36 so people can still use it with DX11.

        1. Fyi back in 2016 this mod and a couple more was sold by a Russian modteam but was stolen and shared. After that the modteam put up the mods for free. So no, it was a steal but not now I guess.

  2. You can update SCANIA Next Gen Ruttners Transport

    1. It’s planed as my next update, yes.

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