Nürburgring Map v 2.3


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This is a mod which allows you drive around the famous Nürburgring GP Race Track.

New in version 2.3 (this version):

– Company (eAcres) in Nürburg works now!
– Map is not so heavy anymore, because I change some objects

!! Works with RusMap, ProMods, Physics Testing Map and Brazil map (not tested) !!

No need a new profile. Works game version 1.16.




7 thoughts on “Nürburgring Map v 2.3

  1. Hello

    the mod is not working wiyh map trucksim 5.0


    1. He never listed that to work with it, and thats cause the map is standalone, while those map he listed only add more land to the aleready existing world.

      1. That’s right.

        1. i cant see this in my map at all…it probably conflifts one of my mods, 23 in total, wich are all skin or ai vehicle relate, so where do i begin to search?

  2. mkettu : You’ll have to take them all out and add them 1 by 1 to see which mod conflicts with the map…

    you seriously need 23 mods to play your game?… id use a max of 5-6 tops

    1. well, i admit my mod-folder is kind of big…but its simply to add variety to the game i have: few pack to add real company skins to trailers and ai trucks,some of this off and it shows annoying default skins emidiately then i got few pack to add new ai cars with real maker emblems:emergency, passenger and commercial, i got my personal company garage sign, and now i added nurburg pack and new shape sawmill pack, especially because games sawmils look boring generic

  3. geht nicht mit 5.4 map

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