Nutella Skin Pack For All Trailers By Theste3.02

Tested Version: 1.32

The package is good for all trailers

*The trailers in the picture are an example … the package works with ALL trailers*

If you want to work together to create more skins, do not hesitate to contact us!

If you upload again to other sites or review, mention the creator: Theste3.02

I wish you a good game!


For any information do not hesitate to contact me in my mail: [email protected]



3 Responses to Nutella Skin Pack For All Trailers By Theste3.02

  1. zoso says:

    Non ho capito che razza di esempio possa essere una mod che sostituisce quella dell’ autore originale della mod.
    Ho spiegato sulla mod TE.MA di mixer e mi ha risposto che è sempre standalone siete sicuri?

  2. Rhino1969 says:

    Bitte mit ein Nutella Glas auf den Trailer nicht nur Nutella !

  3. Tatlıses Çiğköfte says:

    Don’t eat nutella. It has palm oil which is the cheapest oil and lead cancer. Eat kadayıf, baklava, lokum, sütlaç, aşure, şiş kebap, adana, lahmacun….

    Just sayin’ :)))

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