Nvidia Skin Trailers


Nvidia skin for standart trailer. Trailer is standalone and present in traffic. Tested: 1.16.x Credits



2 Responses to Nvidia Skin Trailers

  1. sliipais says:

    F**k . Why people made thas bullshit ?! Open google , check some real trailer pic’s and make it for ets2 . Other people collect your job in big pack’s , and we all be happy . But not this #### . Were you see that nvidia in the real life ? Syntetic green Scania,s , Alienware Volvo’s , GTA4 trailers , why people waste time for that idiotic textures ??? Sorry guys , but i don’t understand . This is the simulator !!!

  2. agames2911 says:

    it just for the sim i know it
    but when you play you want it to look nice.

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