NZH 1965 Bus

NZH-1965-Bus-1 NZH-1965-Bus-2

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Author: nportegies


9 thoughts on “NZH 1965 Bus

  1. With interior ?

    1. No 🙁

  2. nportegies

    Unfortunately the inside, not from outside, it is completely a bus. After I’ve made the skin I wanted to share it anyway. Are other skinners who might also want to edit.


  3. Elitemods

    Map ???!

    1. You’r right. nportegies man this is a place for maps!

  4. Ana Sofia

    It would be very good indeed, that the bus had a life, if there are bus station terminal with more passengers. Think about it. Thank you

  5. cool map

  6. it’s run with TSM?

  7. Jackson Idefy

    Wow this bus drives really nicely

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