Odaz 9786 Trailer

Odaz-9786-Trailer-1 Odaz-9786-Trailer-2

Standalone Trailer
Works on any maps
Tested 1.10.x and 1.11.1 versions

Author: oq37


7 thoughts on “Odaz 9786 Trailer

  1. The trailer looks really good! Something new. I haven´t tested it, but there is no .scs in it, just a .zip with the 2 files, but you can easily repack it to a .scs file.

  2. Браво, Odaz!

  3. Просто шикарно спасибо.

  4. изменена прописка ,прицеп не заменяет дефолтные грузы
    автор:Driver123RUS renewed residence permit ,the trailer does not replace the default goods

    1. О да я это и хотел сказать, что ты автор прописки грузов.

  5. apferreira truckman

    crash ! in game …

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