Off-road chassis for standard trailers SCS 1.45 – 1.46

Adds off-road chassis for standard SCS trailers to the game

Last changes:
Numerous bugs and errors of the previous version have been fixed.
Off-road chassis are completely autonomous and do not replace anything.
Offroad trailers have now been added to the Standard Trailer Dealer (SCS BOX).
Added 6 off-road tire versions and 3 off-road trailer rim versions.
Added dirty version of tires and rims for off-road trailers.
Off-road trailers are fully optimized and will work smoothly on the new version of ETS2 and higher.
The log is 100% clean!.


Off-road chassis are designed to be coupled only with off-road trucks!
Test on ETS2 version: 1.45.x.
On version 1.46 it will work quietly.

AUTHOR: Kish88.
Collaboration: AJIEHA.
Adapted from: Master_Yoda.



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