[Official] Momo’s Traffic – Get Busy 1.0

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1. This is a traffic mod. It modifies the existing game contents, it does not add any new item.
2. The photo is for a display purpose only, it does not represent the content of this mod.
3. I am not the owner of the photo.


Has it occurred to you that in the vanilla game the traffic in front of you is always empty while the opposite direction and behind you is always busy? If the issue has been bothering you, this mod is for you. Because the main objective of this mod is fixing the “empty front” issue. But it also has some nice realistic traffic features.


This is a traffic mod that does not increase the density or make traffic jam. Why? Because you can always use the console command “g_traffic” to increase the density and make traffic jam by yourself without any mod. While most other traffic mods just give you only density and traffic jam (which you can do it by the console command anyway), this mod does more than that.

– Fixes the issue “empty front” traffic. With this mod there should always be AI in front of you most of the time (where it makes sense).

– Slightly reduces the AI patience to encourage overtaking to happen more often.

– Makes some AI vehicles (1/4 of the total number of AI) low torque to simulate relaxed drivers who are not in a hurry. This is to reduce the issue where the AI always accelerate like rockets in the vanilla.

– Makes some AI cars have top speed only 80km/h (less than 1/4) to simulate cautious drivers.

– Make a few AI cars have top speed only 65km/h (very rare, you would be lucky to meet them) to simulate problematic drivers.

– This mod does not touch the density or spawn rate. I intentionally leave it up to you to define your own preferred density by using the command code “g_traffic”. But for realism sake, I highly recommend “g_traffic 3” or a little higher.


1. Sometimes you may see AI spawning right in front of you. This is a side effect of the attempt to fix the “empty front” issue. But it is not too close. I am sure we can live with it.

2. There is no particular rush hour. I have tried to designate rush hour period, but the game seems to ignore the parameters. So the traffic could still be busy during night time (but lighter than day time).

– Game patch 1.34
– All AI vehicle mods (such as Jazzycat’s) but their vehicles will not gain the changes. And the effects maybe different depending on the spawn rates of such other mods.
– All map DLCs and all map mods.
– All double trailer mods, but place this mod higher.
– NOT compatible with any other traffic mod (such as DB Creation, Rudy’s Rush Hours).
– This mod should always be higher than AI vehicle mods (Jazzycats).


1. Send me your Steam Trading Cards or any Steam tradable item.
1.1 Add me to your friend list. (My profile name is “Momo & Yuna” make sure you add the right person)
1.2 Go to my profile page.
1.3 Click the button “More” next to “Send a Message”.
1.4 Choose “Offer a Trade” from the drop down menu.
1.5 Move your Trading Cards to my inventory.

2. Paypal


Be my guest, but please give me some credits. You could either learn from my mods to produce your own, or just post them as they are. Either way, please give me some credits for my hard work. That way you will look good like a gentleman.




1. The comment section below.
2. Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Momos-mods-365686307191461/
3. My Youtube Chanel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAtYWr0IodkLyO9W4tMbpg/videos?view_as=subscriber
4. My email: [email protected]



21 thoughts on “[Official] Momo’s Traffic – Get Busy 1.0

  1. I hate that when traffic is only behind me lol its scary :D, hopefully this mod fix that problem

    1. Also thank you Momo for sharing with us!

  2. My+browser+block+your+file+…+probably+malware+or

  3. Hey Momo i download your file and my browser (Google Chrome) block your file because it’s dangerous

  4. this is a reupload from a workshop mod which use also stolen content.
    means, a thief has stolen a mod from a thief. lol

    1. lol Rudi, you made my day! great comment!

    2. LOL, Rudy Rudy Rudy. If I were to really steal, I would not steal a Rudy’s mod, because it never worked anyway. Hahaha.
      You are angry because I revealed to the players that they don’t need a mod to increase the density, they can just type “g_traffic x” and that makes your mod useless because that’s all your mod does. Hahaha. Rudy Rudy Rudy.

      1. Dear Momo, I know you as a nice and kind girl, this time your reaction is not appropriate!
        I am sorry to say but the useless mod is yours, while Rudi’s mod is for sure in top 3 existent traffic mods.
        for info increasing g_traffic value is the lazzy solution to increase traffic, but this is not at all accurate, will just multiply the existent values. kind of what D.B Creation mod does while a good traffic mod really focus on different density depending of the time of the day! good luck!

  5. Filip Andre Valskraa

    So if i use jazzycat cars. None of the ai changes will work?

    1. the modification of this mod is very minimal, if you use jazzycat packs you won’t even notice that a few scs cars have modified max_speed value. the rest of the rules are not necessary and the description if very much exaggerated

      1. Are you the author of mod???Let the author reply and mind your business.And stop spamming on other people’s mods!!!

        1. and do you think the mod author will be fair? but the user will be tricked! I actually reveal sometimes fake modders on Steam, which are tricking thousands of innocent users 😀 somebody has to do this! are you having any objection on this?

          1. If he is fair or not the community will decide that depending on his actions and sayings over time and not you Sherlock!!! 😛

  6. TheTruthHurts

    Well, Rudi and Cipinho forgot that they stole Piva’s mod, made few changes and publish their mods without give credits to Piva.And now judging Momo as a thief???Shame on you!!!!

    @Cipinho as for D.B. Creation’s mod is one of the best out there and it’s the only one with 3 different versions (low-mid-high density) depending how much traffic you want or how much your computer can handle.Yours for example is not good for low- end computers,drops fps.

    1. haha, you are funny, traffic mod is nothing to steal! there are changes in existent sii files and a lot of maths. I never denied that I learnt from Piva, but next, SCS completely changed the traffic structure and my mod has became fully independent.
      so before accusing you better compare my early mod versions with Piva’s mods and you will see that I used math formulas to create the density and the rules borrowed from Piva at that time were always credited
      currently I am the one keeping in contact with SCS and discuss traffic issues and possible solutions.

      D.B.’s mod is a bad joke! have you ever had the curiosity to unlock those 3 mods and see what is inside?
      first is the equivalent of g_traffic 10, high traffic all day and night, noting smart! and the other 2 are cvasi identical with no increase in density at all. that is a just a smart way of doing almost nothing and collecting donations.

      1. TheTruthHurts

        I’ve tried all traffic mods and D.B Creation’s mod works fine and if that bothers you then it’s your problem not mine.Indeed I’m funny, and I laugh a lot with guys like you who give negative feedback to every new traffic mod.How was you first mod???It was perfect??NO!!!Good criticism is welcome and helps you improve but you cross the line here cipinho.Spamming negative comments and trolling all over the place, but this is your tactic.You did the same thing with Rudi’s mod, Piva’s mod and Arayas mod on Scs Forum.Two of them left the forum,congrats your tactic is working!!!

        1. dear Hurts, you are funny, D.B is not a new mod, it came first even before my mod, some years ago, good for you if you find it ok, I don’t and any expert in traffic will agree with me that is only an eye catcher mod, a fancy video and a mod made in hurry to obtain donations from dumb players.
          Rudi’s mod is fine, with some weaknesses I already told him, but still is much better comparing with others I have tested by curiosity. Never said anything wrong about Piva’s mod, the only weakness it had was that numbers were not tweaked enough, this is how I started modding traffic, passion for traffic and numbers. later I discovered a passion for sounds too 😉
          good luck! oh and by the way, Momo’s mod is not a traffic density mod is just a… something… mod
          actually the 3 you mentioned left the forum, not only 2 😀 good for them, more free time! I should do the same soon 😉

          1. TheTruthHurts

            At least you’re admitting that they left because of you.

          2. I admitted ? where??? Am I boogeyman to scare 3 adults? no, Piva is my friend, Rudi is my fellow and Arayas… no comment 😀 he started a business and needed a reason to quit the forum 😉

  7. TheTruthHurts

    @Cipinho maybe you are a boogeyman after all hahahaa!!!! 😀 LOL!!!Maybe they are tired arguing with you who has the best mod.I’m saying that because I’ve been following for quite some time Rudi’s, Piva’s, Araya’s threads on the forum and the comments between them and you are sometimes jealous,ironic,even mean….pffff…. childish stuff…anyway!!!Good luck with your mods!!!

    1. then probably you have read also my threads too and you saw how I reply to people even when I receive critics? why don’t you say anything about that? there are 120 pages of comments on my traffic mod and 60 pages in my sounds thread.
      what can I do if people don’t like constructive critics? I say “great work but can you please fix those errors” and receive instead a “thanks” just a “get lost?”
      I am ironic with such comments, you are right, but jealous, childish? why should I be jealous on something if I have better? If I said nicely to a modder what could be improved in his mod is not jealousy. if he took it badly or because english is not his mother language is not my fault 😀

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