Ohaha old school skin


Skin is maded for Ohaha Volvo 2013 v19.6s

Alexandar Lone Wolf


13 thoughts on “Ohaha old school skin

  1. Do you know the meaning of the old school? No, you don’t.

    1. alexandar_lone_wolf

      and neither do you

      1. Read this please : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_school

        Also look at your skin, front part and side parts don’t fit correctly. Look at the lines in the middle.

        I’m really tired of your low quality skins. You’re uploading a skin everyday like you go to the toilet everyday. And we both know what produced in toilets.

  2. Bl@ckWolf

    Nice Lone-Wolf

    1. alexandar_lone_wolf

      Thanx mate

  3. Side and front parts not fits. Line is broken. And learn what old scool means.

    Tired of your low quality skins.

    1. alexandar_lone_wolf

      Why do not I make some when you’re so good .we are tired of your ###### comments, go to play somewhere in the sand

    2. Piratxxx11

      Yes-truth…why this kid upload kids skin??? Ohahas FH is too easy for skiners, bat..not for all……. 😀 😀

  4. Ohaha makes some nice skins and stuff wish he would make a grim reaper one

  5. Ohaha makes nice skins

  6. Guys ohaha isn’t a skin maker. He is an amazing mod maker. But this alexander girl doesn’t know anything about the skins. He posts skins almost everyday with crappy quality. And he can’t accept any comment on his poor skins because he know his work full of low quality things.
    You can’t even draw a correct line. Front and side parts aren’t fitting. This is so easy but looks it’s rocket science for you. Stop posting unfinished skins. Adding a text to the front and copy/paste lines from google isn’t skinning. I’m really sad about you poor girl.

    1. alexandar_lone_wolf

      The only girl here is you demien . Adrian TD or Ohaha is my good friend. And I would like to see your skins here . You do not know to draw a sheep. You’ve found that writing about quality skins wipe your nose first cure you of saliva Did not see the third part of my skins, and you found that to comment on them, little ####.
      You and this mike’re just a group of thieves skins because only that you are know to do

  7. @Alexandar Lone Wolf
    don’t bother with those comments, they are just a trolls. This skin is perfect and i know how much work is needed for one quality skin as this one. I seen your work and i have nothing but respect and gratitude. I hope you’ll keep doing what you’re doing and keep those skins coming.

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