Olano Combo Pack v 2.0

Combo-pack with OLANO skin for ownable trailers, and a OLANO skin for Mercedes Actros MP4.

This mod is intended to be a nearly perfect replica of the real life pack, with textures ‘pixel-perfectly’ drawn.

The skin works in the ingame Mercedes Actros MP4, and it’s compatible with any cabin. However, I suggest to choose the Streamspace cabin (the lowest one), so the green stripes on the top of the cabin will fit perfectly on the truck shape. Just as on the real life truck from Olano.

The trailer skin works with the Dry, Insulated, and Refrigerated trailers, both rear and side doors. The skin isn’t meant for double trailers.

Mod works in game version 1.32 or newer.

SilvaTrucker, Santos ETS2 Mods


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