Old Krone Trailer

Old-Krone-Trailer-3 Old-Krone-Trailer-1 Old-Krone-Trailer-2

I’m tested 1.21.x and 1.22.x

– Standalone
– Lightmask
– Compatible all Scandinavia company and all scs companys

Don’t reupload, using original link!

Author: leti7kedil

DOWNLOAD 10 MB [Sharemods]

9 thoughts on “Old Krone Trailer

  1. Christian


  2. Whats the Iveco in the front and the wheels of the Iveco ?

  3. Bzhexpress

    Hello, it is a iveco turbostar? Do you have a link for this truck?

  4. Link for the Iveco and the wheels of the Truck ?

  5. Link Turbostar?

  6. Jan Gloger

    can you upload your IVECO Turbo pleace

  7. RegularJohn53

    Yes, Please share that Iveco Turbostar with us, I want to drive it like in T.I.R.

  8. leti7kedil

    Truck is private.

  9. Atlantis 142

    Hello to you I wonder if it would be possible to have this semi unlocked for the skin in fact I own a Scania 142 H and I see well with your seedlings deriere reskinner the color of my 142 by thanking you for your reading and waiting for answers from you 🙂

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