Old School Flatbed Trailer

Old-School-Flatbed-Trailer-1 Old-School-Flatbed-Trailer-2

I have other things to convert, so i give this away for the community

It’s fully standalone, sadly the wheels isn’t.
Archive and PMD/PMG is open so feel free to edit.
I had planned an AO but got no time for that.

Just don’t re-upload please (use original link)

Sadly the original author for GTS is not known.

Give a like for my FB page, and geet news about things i edit and convert and may give out for free 🙂

Author: Staars3D


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8 thoughts on “Old School Flatbed Trailer

  1. nice truck

  2. DAF ссылка ?

  3. Приват,держи карман шире,так тебе и дали (:

  4. у меня может быть?

  5. I do not speak russian goddamnit…
    But if you are looking for the DAF, it is private.

  6. Scaniadriver of RH Trucking

    thanks for releasing that one
    difficult to find older trailers that fit to older trucks like volvo f10 or scania 141
    more “older” stuff possible?

    1. Maybe later. most of things i make or convert is private, but sometimes i release such things as now 🙂

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