Old Skool Skin for Next Generation Scania Normal Cabin

This is the Kerstens Skin made by Sam Kerstens. Feel free to use this mod and create sceenshots and YouTube video’s with it. I would love it do recieve some!!

This skin supports Danish sideskirts. It was designed for both the Scania R and S normal cabin. The highline cabin in still in progress.

Now it also supports the NTM tandem mod for Scania R and S!
And i’ve added the 1.31 mighty griffin content.

If you found any bugs, plz report them to me. If you found compatibility issues, do the same thing.

But for now, enjoy!

Kerstens Modding


3 thoughts on “Old Skool Skin for Next Generation Scania Normal Cabin

  1. really nice skin,
    I used it for my Rigid (only changed the box to the DB Schenker) nice work !
    screenshots on WOTC (m1keY)

    Might be using this skin a long long time so probably gonna do some youtubevid’s aswell

  2. there’s a bug on the upper side window mirror when i choose the paint version mirror

    here’s the screenshot: https://prntscr.com/jlwoyo

  3. I hope the Highline is not Fairway 😉

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