Old Trucks Pack


In pack includes 6 Trucks:
– Mercedes LPS 1632
– Mercedes Actros LPM II 1844
– Mercedes Actros 1840
– Volvo F10
– Renault Magnum Integral 390 + Interior
– Mercedes NG1631 version

Authors: Paffiek, Fanis, Gayka, Maxim Strukov, dmitry68, Stas556, ComandoreOne, Freddy Jimmink, Erling Muhlbrandt, Kenneth Muhlbrandt, HaXwell, rus47tam, AU44, Stas556, Oleg_Conte, D9DbKO, Sheryo, Atego815, Ventures87, Stels, kirill73rus?, Versetti, DESKPRO, Peerke145, Kreichbaum, Joe Alker, ExclusiveUA


11 thoughts on “Old Trucks Pack

  1. are those standalone trucks, or what trucks do they replace?

  2. Thank you for labor., please be nice volvo f12 4×2 model respects …

  3. Joe Alker

    Ha Ha NO. Do not reupload to other file hosting sites, did I not say? Anyway you making money out of other people’s work thieving ####.

    Both videos are outdated anyway.

    1. Subliminal

      Please post here in comments the original download link

    2. its truck pack..


  5. Bro there was only Four Truck in there.
    And i Download all 215 MB.
    And the Renault is Broken.
    Where are the two Mercedes actros.

  6. ragazzi la mod del mercedes1948 sk esiste o del 190-48 turbostar

  7. Thanks.. but please make updated for Euro Truck Simulator 2 V1.33.29

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